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Making the Most out of Sailing Holidays in Greece

Greece is one of the most sought-after destinations for vacationers from all around the world. When you hear the word Greece, so many things come to your mind, like chicken souvlaki with tzatziki sauce, postcard-worthy white-washed houses along the rugged coastline, surrounded by sparkling dark blue waters!

Sailing holidays in Greece are one amazing photo opportunity. The Greek Islands do really look like the postcards and seem mesmerizing in every aspect. If you are thinking to sail along the Greek Islands, please read on below:
Understanding the Greek Islands –
The Greek Islands are divided into two main groups;  the Cyclades Islands – covers Mykonos and Santorini and the Dodecanese Islands – covers Kos and Rhodes. In addition to, there are other spectacular sailing routes such as the Ionian, Sporades and Soranic Islands. Remember that, most sailing routes in the Greek Islands will stick to one of the two main groups.

Cyclades Route -
Sailing along the Cyclades route allows you to t…

Useful Tips for First Time Sailing in Greece

Just imagine yourself feeling the refreshing wind and trimming the sails, relaxing on deck with a cold drink and walking the ancient paths and get into the unspoiled lifestyle of the islanders. What about discovering the underwater life or spotting dolphins and sea birds! There’s nothing like getting into the holiday mood; imagining yourself in your preferred destination and dreaming about the sights and sounds that wait for you!

When it comes to sailing holidays in Greece, the Dodecanese Islands  can be a great pick for you. On your Dodecanese Islands sailing trip, you will get to discover about the raw beauty and diversity of nature and culture. Whether you enjoy walking, diving, sailing, discovering wildlife , you’re sure to be inspired by the dramatic landscapes  and culinary delights.
Useful Tips for First Time Sailing Holidays in Greece
Here are a few useful tips and suggestions for enjoying sailing holidays in Greece for the first time: You need to rely on the exper…