Taking Sailing Holidays in Croatia

Croatia is an incredibly beautiful country; but the overall sailing experience from one town to another in a sailboat makes the vacation unforgettable. Therefore, booking a cruise along the coast of Croatia as your next European adventure makes perfect sense.

Sailing in Greece

Sailing holidays in Croatia are all about sunshine, sea, sand, relaxation, exploration, culture, sunsets and starry skies. There’s no better way to experience all of them than by taking a cruise along the Croatian coast. In fact, you can consider booking sailing holidays in Croatia for amazing sailing experiences.

What Makes Croatia Sailing Holidays Extremely Unique?

Sail During Day and then experience the Nightlife

When looking to schedule a Croatian sailboat, you should find a company that sails during the daytime and allows you experience it in comfort. In addition to, you will get to explore your destinations during afternoon, evening and night.

croatia sailing

This means, you will enjoy onboard breakfast and lunch. You will arrive to a new place every-day, ample time to explore the city, enjoy a laid-back dinner, then take in some local cafes and bars for a nightcap. Just make sure that you’re back on the sailboat in time for departure in the morning!
Make perfect swim stops in the middle of nowhere.

Sailing is absolutely great. Not only will you get a chance to see the picturesque views of the Croatian coast, but most sailing trip operators provide daily swim breaks. The swim breaks take place where the boat drops anchor for an hour or two in the sky-blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Just pick up some courage and grab your snorkel and swim with fish species up-close to the shore.


Get to meet like-minded people on-board.

If you embark on one of the sailing trips accommodating younger people, you’re bound to meet like-minded people onboard. There’ll be people from different countries speaking different languages onboard and everyone will be bound together by the same interest for travel, adventure and fun.
Another way to enjoy sailing holidays in Croatia is to organize a trip with a group of friends – both big and small groups can work perfectly on the sailboats. Spending afternoons on deck is a perfect time to know more about your new and old friends as well as their home cultures.

Moreover, you will get ample amount of time to swap stories about your travel excursions and stay connected on social media to keep in touch; once the trip is done. After all, your dream Croatian cruise is the perfect place to disconnect for a while!


Indulge yourself in stunning sunsets.

Make sure that you bring your own camera on Croatia sailing holidays. You will find the spectacular blue seas of the Adriatic Sea, perfect for photographing. But in Croatia, you’re bound to indulge in stunning sunsets during the week of traveling around the coast.

What should you expect onboard?

Not all sailboats in Croatia are made equal; which ranges greatly from comfy, close-quarter set-ups to floating palaces of unbridled luxury. Most sailing excursion operators provide you with a good level of comfort and allow you to discover the different boats available to choose from.

You should be realistic about your sailing expectations for space and facilities. The modern, high-end sailboats tend to provide a completely unique experience, often equipped with plush furnishings, en-suites and extensive deck space. This comes of course at a price and it is worth investing time to find the right level of price and comfort for you.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to planning sailing holidays in Croatia, you need to look no further than Naleia Yachting. We specialize in providing guided sailing holidays in Croatia ensuring optimal relaxation and complete peace of mind. For more information, please visit our websit: https://www.naleiayachting.com


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